Our Services

The Division of Marketing & Communications Media Relations offers the following services

1. Media relations activities

a. dissemination of news releases
b. dissemination of news advisories
c. pitching news stories to media
d. response to media and public inquiries
e. providing expert responses to inquiries
f. assistance with securing images for news stories
g. monitoring and evaluating news mentions
h. making news releases available in an online new archive (news.uga.edu)

2. Publication of Columns (faculty and staff newspaper)

a. produce 38 issues of Columns annually
b. feature news related to and of interest to faculty and staff
c. article and information may be submitted to (http://columns.uga.edu/submit.php/)

3. Management of editorial content on UGA.EDU

a. Discover UGA (ideas may be submitted to David Bill)
b. Amazing Student (ideas may be submitted to David Bill )
c. Events (events that have a broad appeal may be submitted two weeks in advance of the event to Krista Richmond)
d. The UGA Top Feature is interesting information on teaching, research and service initiatives at the university (ideas may be submitted to David Bill).

4. Other support services

a. copy editing
b. news writing
c. research writing
d. arranging interviews
e. arranging news conferences
f. conducting media briefings

Media Relations

Executive Director for Media Communications
Greg Trevor

706 / 542-8025
Executive Editor for Media Relations
David Bill

706 / 542-9150
Media Relations Coordinator
Sara Freeland

706 / 542-8077
Media Relations Coordinator for Broadcast
Melissa Jackson

706 / 542-8089

Open Records

Open Records Manager
Bob Taylor

706 / 542-8095