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June 30, 2016

The Division of Marketing & Communications Media Relations is responsible for media relations activities and editorial content for the UGA.EDU core website, production of the faculty/staff newspaper and other activities in promoting the University of Georgia's strategic messages associated with teaching, research and service in accordance with guidelines, policies and procedures established by the vice president for marketing & communications.

Media Relations performs the following functions: dissemination of news releases and media advisories to local, state, national and international media outlets and managing the process through Cision; development, maintenance and enhancement of the University of Georgia website's home page, news pages and other sites as appropriate; publication of the faculty and staff newspaper (Columns); editing and writing news releases and media advisories as appropriate; pitching news releases for placement in print and Web media outlets; development, maintenance and update of various databases of experts; and assisting media representatives in the preparation of news stories by locating experts, arranging interviews and providing accurate and timely information in response to media and public inquiries.


Dissemination of News

The objective of Media Relations is to promote the University of Georgia by effectively communicating its goals, objectives, successes and priorities focusing on three strategic communications themes: teaching, research and service.


  • All University of Georgia news releases must be disseminated by Media Relations. Exceptions: Athletics news, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Extension news, Georgia Museum of Art exhibitions, Performing Arts performances, and events that do not rise to the institutional level.
  • Media Relations disseminates news releases for research grants that are $500,000 or more. Exception: The research is more compelling than the grant amount in which case the amount is not mentioned in the news release.
  • Media Relations disseminates news releases for gifts that are $1 million or more. Exception: The use of the gift is more compelling than the award amount in which case the amount is not mentioned in the news release. All gift releases must be approved by the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.
  • The Office of the Vice President for Research must confirm the amount of the research grants quoted in news releases.
  • Media Relations shall disseminate news releases on administrative appointments for positions of dean and above to local media including Columns and other select media as appropriate. News releases about other key administrative appointments shall be disseminated internally to StratComm members and Columns only. Exceptions to this policy shall be decided at the vice presidential level or above.
  • News releases must conform to the format referenced in the UGA Style Guide.
  • Media Relations reserves the right to format news releases in accordance with the UGA Style Guide and edit releases in accordance with Associated Press and UGA Style guides.

UGA.EDU Website

The University of Georgia website ( allows opportunities for the university to promote information relevant to those who visit the site as well as provide another mechanism by which UGA news is made available to its audiences. The top portion of the home page contains three to five features that appropriately reflect the university's strategic communications themes.

The secondary "news panel" below the top features includes up to five items of interest to the university community and its varied constituencies.

Other key news information areas on the home page include UGA News Headlines; Upcoming Events; Amazing Students and Focus on Faculty.


  • The home page top features should be updated regularly throughout the year. The web content editor will monitor page views on these features to determine when they should be replaced.
  • The home page news panel should be updated with interesting news releases frequently and breaking news as appropriate.
  • All UGA news releases are archived at
  • "In the news" items are updated daily with news summaries from eGeorgia Morning.
  • Construction and other advisories are posted as necessary when submissions are received from various UGA departments or from the Master Calendar.


Columns is the faculty and staff newspaper published on a predetermined schedule developed prior to the beginning of the academic year. Columns is designed to keep faculty and staff current on issues that relate to the University of Georgia. The readership for the publication averages about 11,000 persons per issue during the academic year. Thirty-eight issues are produced each fiscal year.

News items must be submitted to Columns two weeks in advance of the publication date in which the items are to appear.

Columns is published on Monday of each week during the academic year, at least once monthly in May, twice monthly in June and July and one publication in August before the academic year publication schedule begins. Exceptions: Holidays and class breaks.

Columns articles and information must be written in accordance with Associated Press and UGA style guides.

Social Media Guidelines

We welcome and encourage you to share UGA news and research on social media. Please follow our Social Media Guidelines to ensure you’re representing the University of Georgia appropriately online. Utilize these social media best practices for successful promotion:

  • Keep posts short, sweet, and accurate
  • Include a photo or video with the post
  • Tag relevant accounts (other faculty or departments)
  • Share relevant posts from other UGA accounts
  • Keep dialogue open and constructive when engaging with followers
  • Moderate inappropriate commentary

For any questions or assistance with social media, please contact Kalena Stull.


Media Relations

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Greg Trevor

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Media Relations Coordinator for Broadcast
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Open Records

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