Information for the Media

The Division of Marketing & Communications Media Relations Office is responsible for media relations activities and editorial content for the UGA.EDU home page and UGA Today and production of the faculty/staff newspaper, all of which promote the University of Georgia's strategic messages of teaching, research and service. The office is supported by the Department of Broadcast, Video and Digital Imaging.

Editors and reporters requiring information about the University of Georgia may contact:

News and Information

Greg Trevor, Executive Director for Media Communications

Division of Marketing & Communications Media Relations
Office: 706/542-8025

David Bill, Executive Editor for Media Relations

Division of Marketing & Communications Media Relations
Office: 706/542-9150

Sara Freeland, Media Relations Coordinator

Division of Marketing & Communications Media Relations
Office: 706/542-8077

Melissa Jackson, Media Relations for Broadcast

Division of Marketing & Communications Media Relation
Office: 706/202-9033

Digital Imaging (Still and Video)

Geof Gilland, Asst. Director of Multimedia / Video

Division of Marketing & Communications Creative Services
Office: 705/542-8026

Rick O'Quinn, Digital Asset Manager

Office: 706/542-8085

For a quick response to your media inquiry, the following information is helpful:

  1. A concise explanation of what you need (including whether you need an interview or information only)
  2. The context in which you are planning to use the information, which will allow us to gather the appropriate information for you
  3. Allowing ample time to pull together information if your request involves compiling data
  4. Allowing ample time to contact faculty experts, if possible
  5. Providing the following contact information: office telephone, mobile number and email address
  6. Providing the deadline for when you need the information or interview
  7. Providing a time when you will be available if you need to speak with an expert faculty member or administrator

Media representatives may request digital images of UGA individuals, events, campus scenes and buildings. Images may be selected from For information on requesting images and policies on photo and video shoots on campus, contact 706/542-8089.

News Releases

News releases are disseminated to media daily. Through a news management system, we select the media for which we determine the news release is most appropriate. We also send all UGA news releases to those media representatives who have requested them. We maintain a news archive to which all news releases are posted. To access the archive, see If you would like to be added to the media list to receive all news releases, call 706/542-1024.

A University of Georgia archive of all news releases is maintained at

Find an Expert

The University of Georgia maintains a directory of experts who can provide commentary on any number of issues. To access the directory of experts, see You may locate an expert by way of a keyword search.

Communications policies

The University of Georgia Division of Marketing & Communications oversees policies and protocols regarding a variety of media relations topics and identity, including the following:

  1. Use of the university name, seal and logos
  2. Open Records
  3. Editorial Style Guide

The University of Georgia shares information about students in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

University of Georgia officials do not comment on protected personnel matters or matters in litigation.

Need general information about the University of Georgia? Explore the following webpages:

Media Relations

Executive Director for Media Communications
Greg Trevor

706 / 542-8025
Executive Editor for Media Relations
David Bill

706 / 542-9150
Media Relations Coordinator
Sara Freeland

706 / 542-8077
Media Relations Coordinator for Broadcast
Melissa Jackson

706 / 542-8089

Open Records

Open Records Manager
Bob Taylor

706 / 542-8095