Health Sciences Quarterly Update – August 2013

Health Sciences Campus Rhodes Hall 2012-h.blding

August 13, 2013


Krista Coleman-Silvers

Krista Coleman-Silvers

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  • magnify Health Sciences Campus Rhodes Hall 2012-h.blding

    Rhodes Hall on the UGA Health Sciences Campus is currently being renovated and is projected to be ready for occupancy in fall 2013. The building will house the administrative offices of the College of Public Health.

  • magnify Health Sciences Campus map July

    Health Sciences Campus map, July 2012

  • magnify Health Sciences Campus Map Fall 2012

    Buildings on the Health Sciences Campus include classroom space, a gym, a childcare center and town houses for graduate student housing.

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    Health Sciences Campus at the University of Georgia

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Athens, Ga. – The following information is provided as part of an effort to keep the community informed about the development of the UGA Health Sciences Campus (HSC), a significant addition to the University of Georgia. The Health Sciences Campus has been established on the site of the former Navy Supply Corps School on Prince Avenue in Athens. The property was deeded to the University by the U.S. Department of Education in April 2011, and the University began holding classes there in August 2012.

The University of Georgia Health Sciences Campus accommodates two primary occupants: the UGA College of Public Health and the Georgia Regents University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership. Phase I renovations, essential to begin academic offerings for these occupants, were completed by August 2012.  In the 2012-13 academic year, more than 800 students, faculty and staff were engaged in campus life at the HSC.

The University continues to take a holistic approach to the development of the student learning community at the HSC, providing housing, food services, library resources and recreational support.

Phase II projects are at or near completion and offer expanded options for the HSC community and greater University.  Scott Hall, the former NSCS officers’ club, will serve dual purposes as a meal plan dining commons and student center, while the former NSCS hotel, Brown Hall, will serve as a residence facility housing up to 200 students. Brown Hall welcomed residents beginning August 6, triggering the opening of Scott Hall for student services. The Niche dining commons in Scott Hall opened for business on August 12. As with all campus-wide meal plan dining centers, a fixed priced option is available to the University community and guests. Phase II projects will be complete when the historic Rhodes Hall, currently being repurposed to serve as CPH’s administrative headquarters, is occupied in October.

Phases III and IV of the HSC renovations will occur simultaneously and are scheduled to commence in October of 2013. Wright Hall, a former NSCS lodging facility, will be repurposed for the office and research needs of Health Promotion and Behavior (HPB) and Health Policy and Management (HPAM), two departments within CPH.  The Hudson Clinic facility, utilized by the NSCS as a health and dental clinic, will become the new home of CPH’s Institute of Gerontology. Pound Hall, currently in partial use by Recreational Sports, will undergo a renovation of the remaining facility and will be utilized for computational research needs.  The three facilities within the Phase III/IV scope of work will be complete by the end of 2014. 

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