Make-up classes added after snow days close down campus

Provost's memo to all students on 'Make-up Classes for Inclement Weather'

February 13, 2014


Pamela Whitten

Pamela Whitten

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This winter has been extremely challenging for much of the country, and the Athens area is certainly seeing its fair share of extreme winter weather. We recognize that students and faculty at UGA have high expectations for the quality of instruction delivered in their classes. Student learning is our top priority, and we want to ensure that your courses this semester provide you with complete class objectives and goals.

To assist in creating opportunities for UGA courses to address all key objectives, we are designating two Saturdays this semester to make up some of the missed classes. If they find it necessary, your professors may choose to use March 22 to make-up MWF classes or labs and March 29 will be available to make-up TTh classes or labs. A normal class schedule will be operational on those dates, and your professors will provide ample notification of any classes scheduled for those Saturdays.

It is also possible that your professors may use the university's online learning platform (eLC) to provide supplemental lectures, discussions, and assignments. If you feel you need additional assistance in the use of eLC, please visit

Your professors will be making extra efforts to ensure your courses maintain the high standards you deserve. They will also do their best to accommodate individual challenges you may have as some course timetables are modified. Providing you with an exceptional education is our highest priority. We encourage you to do all you can to assist UGA faculty and staff as we all pull together during this challenging winter.


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