Media Fact Sheet: Fundraising skyrockets at UGA

July 17, 2017

Katie DeGenova

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Please see below for additional information about the University of Georgia's fiscal year 2017 and progress of its $1.2 billion Commit to Georgia Campaign, which sets out to increase scholarship support, enhance the UGA learning environment, and solve grand challenges for Georgia and for the world.

Fundraising totals:
• Amount raised in FY17: $227.8 million
• Total number of donors in FY17: 68,581
• 3-year rolling averages of annual fundraising total:
     o FY13: $115.4 million (prior to Morehead administration)
     o FY14: $115.4 million
     o FY15: $129.2 million
     o FY16: $151.4 million
     o FY17: $185.2 million
• Total number of donors who made gifts and pledges in FY17:
     o Number of alumni donors: 39,275
     o Number of parent donors: 5,500
     o Number of students, faculty, staff, and retiree donors: 7,588
• Corporate and foundation partners have contributed $98 million this year.
• Donors from each of the 50 states contributed this year.
• More than 126,000 donors have contributed $827 million to the Commit to Georgia Campaign since the quiet phase began in July 2012.

Scholarship support:
• 5,290 student scholarships funded by private support were awarded in FY17.
• 115 Georgia Commitment Scholarships have been created since the program launched in January, and most of those will be awarded this fall.
• 15 UGA Foundation Trustees, who represent more than 30 percent of the Board of Trustees, have established at least one of these scholarships.

Enhancing the learning environment:
• $7.29 million has been raised to support experiential learning opportunities for students since the launch of the campaign.
• To enhance the learning environment, donors have committed to support to a number of capital projects such as the Business Learning Community (more than $70 million) and Delta Hall (more than $11 million) along with other capital projects such as the Indoor Athletic Facility (more than $30 million) since the start of the campaign.

Solving grand challenges for our state and world:
• Donors helped establish 10 new endowed faculty positions this year. The university is better able to attract and retain the best faculty with these endowments, which provide additional funding that can be used to hire graduate assistants, buy research equipment, etc. The total number of endowed faculty positions is now 275.



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