UGA summer enrollment totals 13,854

July 19, 2012

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Athens, Ga. - The University of Georgia enrolled 13,854 students this summer, a 6.5 decrease from the 2011 summer figures, 958 fewer students overall.

The total number accounts for the enrollment of 8,900 undergraduate students, 3,713 graduate students and 429 students in the professional schools of law, pharmacy and veterinary medicine, for a total number on the UGA campus in Athens of 13,042.

At UGA's extended campuses, 689 students registered, down 4.7 percent or 34 fewer students overall. These campuses, their enrollment numbers and their comparison to 2011 include Buckhead at 228 students, an increase of 8.6 percent or 18 students; Gwinnett at 368 students, a decrease of 11.5 percent or 48 students; Griffin at 79 students, a decrease of 1.3 percent or 1 student; and Tifton at 14 students, down 17.6 percent or three students overall.

Of the 1,152 new students enrolled for the summer, 254 are freshmen, 103 are sophomores, 105 are juniors, 23 are seniors, 313 are graduate students, 237 are transients, 13 are enrolled in one of the professional programs, and 97 are unclassified. Seven of the new enrollees are in an academic enhancement program.

UGA's independent study program experienced an increase of 16 percent from 2011. This summer, 123 students enrolled in the program; last year, 106 or 17 fewer students participated in independent study.

"We have seen a slight decrease in summer enrollment for the last two years, which may be attributed to the economy and other factors, but at this point in time we are examining data as it becomes available to determine these reasons," says Jan Hathcote, registrar for the University of Georgia.


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