UGA experts available to speak on medication shortages

November 2, 2011

Stephanie Schupska

Stephanie Schupska

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Athens, Ga. - From chemotherapy drugs to electrolyte treatments to antibiotics, key medications are in short supply in pharmacies across the nation. At the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy, the faculty is well aware of the issues—and the burdens these shortages place on pharmacists, physicians and patients.

According to a White House fact sheet, the number of reported drug shortages almost tripled from 2005 to 2010. Six years ago, there were 61 reported shortages. In 2010, there were 178.

To combat the increasing problem, on Monday President Obama issued an executive order to the Food and Drug Administration. The order's goal is to protect consumers by broadening the reporting of potential prescription drug shortages; speed up the review of new manufacturing sites, drug suppliers and manufacturing changes; and alert the Justice Department to possible instances of price gouging.

For UGA pharmacy faculty available to speak on the shortages, see below.

David DeRemer is a clinical assistant professor with the College of Pharmacy and a hematology/oncology clinical specialist with Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center in Augusta. He has dealt with the "very problematic chemotherapy shortage," he said, and can speak on the nature of how it has impacted patient care. He can be reached at or 706/721-4249.

Matthew Perri is a clinical professor in the department of clinical and administrative pharmacy. He is available to speak on the shortage in general. Perri is located in Athens and can be reached at or 706/548-7978.

J. Russell May is a clinical professor in the department of clinical and administrative pharmacy in Augusta. He can be reached at or 706/721-6492.

For more information on the UGA College of Pharmacy, see For more information on the clinical and administrative pharmacy program, see

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