UGA experts available to comment on monarch butterfly decline

Altizer, Sonia in field-h.env.portrait

January 31, 2014


Beth Gavrilles

Beth Gavrilles

Public Relations Coordinator

Odum School of Ecology
Work: 706-542-7247


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    Sonia Altizer has a long-term research project on monarch butterflies, which can migrate from Canada to spend the winter in Mexico.

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    Andy Davis

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Athens, Ga. - A new report from the World Wildlife Fund has documented the drop in monarch butterfly numbers. The University of Georgia has experts on monarch butterflies available to comment on the trend:

Sonia Altizer
Professor and Associate Dean, Odum School of Ecology
Office: 706-542-9251
Lab: 706-542-3485

Her research includes projects on the natural systems of butterflies, birds, bats and primates; animal migration and infectious disease dynamics; effects of host behavior on parasite transmission; urbanization and infectious disease risk; climate change and infectious diseases; and the macroecology of infectious diseases.

Andy Davis
Assistant Research Scientist, Odum School of Ecology
Office: 706-542-8112

His research studies long-term trends in monarch butterfly populations in North America, and the nature of stopover ecology in migrating monarchs. His research interests include
conservation physiology, morphological indicators of animal fitness, migration biology of birds and insects, and improving methods of animal measurement.

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