UGA experts to offer commentary on Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011

Mickey Y. Montevideo

Mickey Y. Montevideo

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University experts are available to comment on the impact Steve Jobs had on the field of computing and the advancement of informational technology. These individuals, their credentials, along with their contact information are listed below. Contact UGA News Service at 706/542-8083 or should you need additional assistance.

Michael A. Covington
UGA's linguistics and engineering faculties
senior research scientist and adjunct professor of computer science in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Institute for Artificial Intelligence, associate director

Covington's research interests and areas of expertise include natural language understanding; computational psycholinguistics; information retrieval and extraction; logic programming; microcontroller applications; and image processing.
Curriculum vitae (PDF)
An initial comment from Covington:

"What I think Apple did was show people that a personal computer could be small, self contained, and self-sufficient. Before it came along, hobby computing consisted of gadgets such as the Altair and boxes covered with switches and lights, which were all rather hard to operate. The Apple appealed to people who wanted to get some computing done (whether work or games), rather than people who wanted to "have a computer" and learn how it worked internally.

"Here's an analogy. I think the Apple II was to computers what the Ford Model T was for cars. It was not the first small computer, and it may not even have been the best, but it's the one that people could buy and "use". It was self-contained and came with everything you needed to put it to use. When you bought an Apple II, you weren't just joining a community of experimenters; you were owning something you could use immediately. And, like the Model T, the Apple brought the price within reach of individuals. It was the machine everybody else had to compete with."

Richard (Rick) Thomas Watson
J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy
UGA Terry College of Business department of management information systems
Center for Information Systems Leadership, director
Watson's research interests and areas of expertise include energy informatics, information systems leadership and ecological sustainability. He collaborates with researchers all over the world in his field. In addition, Watson co-leads the Global Text Project, which plans to create 1,000 free electronic textbooks for students in the developing world.
Curriculum vitae
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