UGA sets spring semester enrollment record with 33,620 students

UGA sets spring semester enrollment record with 33,620 students

March 1, 2010

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Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia has set a new spring semester enrollment record with a total of 33,620 students attending classes in Athens and at the university’s four extended campuses in Gwinnett County, Griffin, Tifton and Buckhead in Atlanta.

Spring semester enrollment has increased 2 percent, or 652 students, over last spring’s record-setting 32,968 students enrolled.

At UGA’s main campus in Athens, 32,691 students are enrolled, while 929 students are attending classes at the university’s extended campuses.

Enrollment at the Athens campus is up by 647 students and includes 24,820 undergraduates, 6,123 graduate students and 1,594 students in the professional schools of law, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. An additional 154 students are enrolled in independent study.

The number of students studying at UGA’s extended campuses increased slightly with five more students enrolled compared to last spring. Overall growth was 0.5 percent, with enrollment decreased at all extended campuses except Buckhead.

The Buckhead Campus, which has an enrollment of 330 students, is mainly for working professionals and enrolls students studying for master’s degrees in business administration. The campus has 62 more students this spring and enrollment is up 23.1 percent with an additional 56 students in the Evening MBA program and an additional 24 students in the first semester of the Ed.D. program in higher education management offered through theInstitute of Higher Education.

Gwinnett has the largest enrollments of the extended campuses with 429 students, which is down 9.1 percent from last year. All but three of the Gwinnett students are studying for graduate degrees as the undergraduate program is being phased out. (The three undergraduates are actually enrolled in Athens classes, but are still coded for Gwinnett.)

The Griffin Campus has 80 undergraduates and 44 graduate students, and the Tifton Campus has 36 undergraduates and 10 graduate students. Griffin’s enrollment is down two students from last spring, or 1.6 percent. Tifton’s enrollment is down 12 students since last spring, or 20.7 percent.

For all campuses combined, undergraduate enrollment totals 24,939, a 2 percent increase from last spring. Total graduate enrollment (6,933) is up 1.3 percent and professional school enrollment (1,594) is up 3.3 percent.

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