UGA summer enrollment totals 15,554 students

Summer enrollment at UGA totals 15,554 students

July 21, 2009

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Athens, Ga. - Total enrollment for summer semester at the University of Georgia is 15,554 students. While enrollment increased at the Buckhead and Griffin extended campuses and for professional schools (law, pharmacy and veterinary medicine), overall enrollment decreased by .3 percent from last year.

A total of 14,619 students is attending summer classes at the Athens campus, a decrease of 83 from last year. The figure includes 10,021 undergraduates, 4,177 graduate students and 421 students enrolled in the professional schools.

Total enrollment at UGA extended campuses is 656 students, a 2.5 percent decrease from last year's total of 673, though some areas are experiencing enrollment growth.

Enrollment at UGA's extended campus in Buckhead increased by 40.7 percent from last summer with a total of 197 students. While there are 141 students in the evening M.B.A. program, an 85.5 percent increase from last summer, enrollment in the Executive M.B.A. program decreased by 12.5 percent to 56 students.

Enrollment at the Griffin Campus is 75 students, a 38.9 percent increase over last summer. The figure includes 35 undergraduate students, up from 25 last summer and 40 graduate students, up from 29 last year.

Twenty-seven students are enrolled at UGA's Tifton Campus. Graduate enrollment is up 85.7 percent, while undergraduate enrollment is down 33.3 percent from last summer.

Graduate enrollment at UGA's Gwinnett Campus totals 351, a decrease of 22.2 percent from last summer.

An additional 279 students are enrolled in UGA independent study programs, a 19.7 percent increase from last summer.


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