UGA’s historic Arch to undergo preservation

Arch concept image w/sidewalk

April 30, 2015

Matt Chambers

Matt Chambers


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    This concept image shows the Arch and the new path leading to it.

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Athens, Ga. - The iconic University of Georgia Arch will undergo a preservation process starting May 19 and continuing through the summer.

During the process, the Arch will receive a thorough cleaning as well as new primer, paint and wiring. Preservation repairs will be made, and a corrosion treatment will be applied. UGA's Facilities Management Division will complete the work prior to the start of fall semester.

"The Arch is a very historic campus landmark, and it will be handled with the utmost care throughout this process," said Brett Ganas, director of the grounds department. "These preservation efforts will last for decades and will ensure the Arch continues to be a longstanding part of UGA's campus."

The three pillars of the Arch will not be removed because they are embedded in the historic steps upon which the icon stands. Scaffolding, fencing and other protective measures will be placed around the area as the top portion of the Arch is repaired. A banner will be displayed throughout the work.

The Arch was repainted five years ago but did not undergo a process as thorough as this project, which is similar in scope to recent efforts to preserve cast-iron lampposts and the North Campus fence.

Also this summer, a 6-foot path will be created to the west of the Arch to allow for easier access to and from the Broad Street bus stop and the rest of North Campus. The path will go through the fencing in the area and will open before the start of fall semester.


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