New show on WUGA seeks to make personal finance advice fun, accessible

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March 23, 2017

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    Matt Goren (left) and Michael Gene Thomas will host a 30-minute program, "There's Nothing Funny about Money" on WUGA. 


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Athens, Ga. - A new local radio program that combines financial advice with a lighthearted spin will debut on WUGA on Friday, April 7.

The 30-minute program, "There's Nothing Funny about Money," is the brainchild of hosts Matt Goren and Michael Gene Thomas from the College of Family and Consumer Sciences' department of financial planning, housing and consumer economics.

Goren is an adjunct assistant professor and Thomas is a doctoral student in the department.

"Our intended audience is people who find personal finance a bit scary and frustrating but still need help," Goren said. "Most of the personal finance resources available are dry, boring and even rude. We want to be on the opposite end of that spectrum."

Goren said the show borrows its format from the popular "Car Talk" car advice show. The focus is less on money and more on quality of life, setting goals and being solution-focused, he said, while adding humor and levity to attract a broad audience.

"At WUGA, we seek to present vibrant, locally produced programming which brings a unique service to this community," said Jimmy Sanders, general manager of WUGA. "We feel that ‘There's Nothing Funny About Money' meets and exceeds our expectations for quality content. We expect this show to develop a dedicated and loyal audience."

The show will first air April 7 at 1:30 p.m. and again on April 9 at 12:30 p.m., following the local news roundtable show, "Athens News Matters."

The show will then air the first Friday and following Sunday of every month. It also will be available in podcast form at

For more information, visit

WUGA 91.7 and 94.5 FM, an NPR affiliate, is operated by the University of Georgia in a partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting.



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