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Friday, September 8, 2017

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Hurricane prep: Don’t forget medications

In preparation for the potential impact of Hurricanes Irma and Jose, the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy offers the following tips and safety measures regarding medications and first aid:

• If you have less than a week's worth of medication, refill the prescription by the end of this weekend. In the event of a disaster or devastation, your local pharmacy may have difficulty obtaining and maintaining pharmaceutical supplies or may be unable to open and/or operate due to power outages or property destruction.

• Obtain a full supply of over-the-counter medications that you and your family consume on a regular basis.

• Make a list of medications, both prescription-based and over-the-counter, that you and your family consume on a regular basis. This list may become important in the event of injuries or illnesses, or in the event you and your family need to relocate.

• Store medications in waterproof containers and/or sealed plastic bags.

• Assemble a first aid kit if you and your family don't already have one. Suggested contents include:
• bandages
• triple antibiotic cream/ointment
• Benadryl
• ibuprofen and/or Tylenol
• gauze
• gauze tape
• gloves

For more information, contact:
• Brian Seagraves, academic professional (former police officer, community educator)

• George Francisco, assistant dean and academic director