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Apr. 20 2017

Rising water temperatures endanger health of coastal ecosystems, study finds

Marine biologists James Hollibaugh and Sylvia Schaefer found that rising water temperatures could disrupt ocean food webs and lead to the release of more greenhouse gases.

Mar. 31 2017

Parasitic wasp may aid battle against diseases spread by mosquitoes

Scientists at the University of Georgia are using lessons learned from a parasitic wasp to gain insights into how mosquito-borne diseases, like malaria and the Zika virus, evade detection by their hosts' immune systems, enabling them infect other animals, including humans.

Mar. 29 2017

More access to opioid treatment programs needed in Southeast, says study

Large portions of the Southeast don't have enough opioid treatment programs to match their high rates of opioid use disorder.

Mar. 8 2017

Aging in place could save money, benefit health outcomes in public housing for the elderly

Training service coordinators in low-income public housing to better assist aging residents could improve community members' health and save the government money.

Feb. 10 2017

UGA researcher explores how light can solve wireless space shortage

Mable Fok, an assistant professor of engineering, received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award to study how photonics can be used to identify and harness unused holes in the radio frequency spectrum.

Jan. 31 2017

Intimate partner violence among youth linked to suicide, weapons and drug use

Adolescents who are violent toward their romantic partners are also more likely to think about or attempt suicide, carry a weapon, threaten others with a weapon and use drugs or alcohol than peers in non-violent relationships.

Dec. 13 2016

Public skepticism would likely greet a new Zika vaccine, study says

As scientists race to create a vaccine for the Zika virus, new research from the University of Georgia suggests almost half of Americans wouldn't be interested in getting the shot even if public health officials recommended it for them.

Dec. 5 2016

New survey shows only half of people plan to get flu shots this year

Americans are split on getting an annual flu shot, with four out of 10 having done so in the past year and around half saying they had already received or were planning to get the vaccine this year, according to new national survey data analyzed by University of Georgia researchers.

Nov. 21 2016

Plant compounds may boost brain function in older adults, study says

The same compounds that give plants and vegetables their vibrant colors might be able to bolster brain functioning in older adults, according to a recent study from the University of Georgia. 

Oct. 13 2016

Diagnostic tests for sinus infections leave much to be desired, study says

Many patients who see physicians for sinus infections expect to be prescribed an antibiotic, but for the majority of them, that course of treatment won't be effective because their infections aren't caused by bacteria. Unfortunately, there aren't great tools to determine which patients will or won't benefit from antibiotics, and the University of Georgia's Dr. Mark Ebell is determined to change that.

Oct. 11 2016

Research on common bacterium opens door to fighting gastric cancer

A common bacterium that more than half of people have in their gut can use hydrogen gas present in the gastrointestinal tract to inject a cancer-causing toxin into otherwise healthy cells, according to a recently published study led by University of Georgia researchers.

Jul. 7 2016

Study challenges theory that good communication leads to marital satisfaction

One of the top reasons couples seek counseling is communication issues, so does better communication predict a more satisfying relationship?

Jun. 28 2016

UGA geneticist studying neural tube defects for clues to common birth defects

An assistant professor of genetics at the University of Georgia was recently awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study neural tube defects in mice. The goal of Jian-Fu Chen's project is to understand why neural tube defects, the second most common birth defect in humans, occur.

Jun. 20 2016

For children with Tourette syndrome, environmental responses to tics play big role

In a study published in Child Psychiatry and Human Development, University of Georgia researchers found that environmental responses to tics in a child with Tourette syndrome play a significant role in helping or hindering that child's ability to fight the urge to tic.

Jun. 7 2016

Researcher finds link between diet, surviving childhood in medieval Italy

For the past five years, the University of Georgia's Laurie Reitsema has been researching how early childhood living conditions affect individuals' health outcomes as adults.

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