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Oct. 10 2017

Anticipated social media buzz can drive tourism

How much positive feedback travelers think they'll get on social media can predict whether they intend to visit a tourism destination, a new University of Georgia study has found.

Sep. 21 2017

Biomass-produced electricity in the US possible, but it’ll cost

If the U.S. wants to start using wood pellets to produce energy, either the government or power customers will have to pay an extra cost, a new University of Georgia study has found.

Aug. 28 2017

UGA study focuses on the long-term economic sustainability of the Upper Floridan Aquifer

Four universities are teaming up to look at the economic sustainability of agriculture and forestry in North Florida and South Georgia that rely on the Upper Floridan Aquifer.

Aug. 15 2017

Hybrid barriers can cut terrapin road deaths, new UGA study finds

One of Georgia's most colorful turtle species could be wiped out on Jekyll Island by simply wandering into traffic-but not if man-made barriers keep them off the road.

Mar. 7 2017

Deadly raccoon roundworm can infect humans without symptoms, new UGA study finds

Although this "raccoon roundworm" was believed to cause severe problems and even death in people who become infected, a new University of Georgia study shows that's not always the case.

Dec. 19 2016

White ibis salmonella shedding increases with urbanization, new UGA study finds

The more urbanized a place is, the more white ibises there are carrying salmonella-the same kind that can make people sick, a new University of Georgia study has found.

Dec. 12 2016

UGA researchers calculating northern bobwhite population, survival rates

University of Georgia researchers have been tasked with figuring out how many northern bobwhites are out there-and whether rabbit hunting is interfering with quail hunting in east Georgia hunting grounds.

Jul. 12 2016

New hybrid sweetgum trees could boost paper, bioenergy production

Sweetgum trees thrive under diverse conditions, grow as fast as pine trees and provide the type of fiber needed for specialty papers-and they've long been desired by paper and bioenergy producers.

Mar. 1 2016

Trees vital to improving stream quality, UGA study finds

Want better streams? Plant some trees, according to a University of Georgia study.

Jan. 26 2016

Ecotourism, natural resource conservation proposed as allies to protect natural landscapes

If environmentalists want to protect fragile ecosytems from landing in the hands of developers—in the U.S. and around the globe—they should team up with ecotourists, according to a University of Georgia study published in the Journal of Ecotourism.

Jan. 12 2016

Forestry program at UGA’s Warnell School reaccredited for 10 years

The University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources has once again received full accreditation from the Society of American Foresters, marking nearly 90 years of continuous accreditation for its Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources degree.

Oct. 29 2015

Human handouts could be spreading disease from birds to people

People feeding white ibises at public parks are turning the normally independent birds into beggars, and now researchers at the University of Georgia say it might also be helping spread disease.

Sep. 29 2015

UGA’s Warnell School to honor distinguished alumni at Homecoming festivities

The University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources will honor two alumni over Homecoming weekend.

Sep. 28 2015

Be on the lookout this fall: Deer-vehicle collisions increase during breeding season

Fall is prime breeding season for deer across Georgia. It's also when drivers are more likely to hit deer that run into the road, according to a new study from the University of Georgia.

Sep. 24 2015

UGA forest health researcher named Entomological Society of America Science Policy Fellow

University of Georgia tree health expert Kamal Gandhi has been named a Science Policy Fellow for the Entomological Society of America, just one of five scientists across the country named to the program.

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