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Jun. 15 2012

UGA research aims to prevent farm-related injuries in youth

The biggest threat to the health and safety of most children and adolescents is a motor vehicle accident. But the one million American children and teens living or working on farms in the U.S. face an additional danger—the tractors in their own backyards.

Mar. 30 2012

UGA disability research inspires wellness course

For the past nine years, researchers and students in UGA's Exercise Vascular Biology Laboratory have studied how exercise of paralyzed muscles-made possible by electrical stimulation-reduces risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, similar to the benefits of exercise in the muscles of able-bodied individuals.

Mar. 14 2012

Three UGA inventors recognized for helping to create a ‘Better World’

Boosters for pesticides and antibiotics, a high-efficiency nutcracker and an electricity-free milk cooler-all invented by University of Georgia faculty-were recognized by the Association of University Technology Managers in their most recent "Better World Report."

Dec. 13 2011

Antioxidant has potential in the Alzheimer’s fight, UGA researchers find

A study by researchers in the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy has shown that an antioxidant can delay the onset of all the indicators of Alzheimer's disease, including cognitive decline. The researchers administered an antioxidant compound called MitoQ to mice genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer's. The results of their study were published in the Nov. 2 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience.

Nov. 29 2011

Abstinence-only education does not lead to abstinent behavior, UGA researchers find

States that prescribe abstinence-only sex education programs in public schools have significantly higher teenage pregnancy and birth rates than states with more comprehensive sex education programs, researchers from the University of Georgia have determined.

Nov. 17 2011

UGA researchers develop ‘super’ yeast that turns pine into ethanol

Researchers at the University of Georgia have developed a "super strain" of yeast that can efficiently ferment ethanol from pretreated pine-one of the most common species of trees in Georgia and the U.S. Their research could help biofuels replace gasoline as a transportation fuel.

Nov. 1 2011

UGA Terry College professor receives NSF grant to help scientists with computing resources

A University of Georgia professor is making strides in bringing the science of organizational management to other sciences that rely on computing, with the goal of making data-intensive projects, such as monitoring hurricanes and modeling treatments for disease outbreaks, more effective.

Oct. 23 2011

Run-off, emissions deliver double whammy to coastal marine creatures, UGA study finds

Increasing acidification in coastal waters could compromise the ability of oysters and other marine creatures to form and keep their shells, according to a new study led by University of Georgia researchers.

Sep. 26 2011

NIH awards UGA $1.2 million for instrumentation to advance biomedical research on diseases

The National Institutes of Health has awarded the University of Georgia two grants totaling $1.2 million for instrumentation to advance chemical analytical capabilities of biomedical researchers across campus. The new equipment will allow researchers to accurately measure, characterize and test individual molecules, advancing researchers' understanding of human diseases, ranging from insect vectors of infectious diseases to discovery of cancer biomarkers.

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