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Advertising, PR department head quoted in USA Today

Bryan Reber, head of the advertising and public relations department in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, was quoted in USA Today about Gillette’s 2019 pre-Super Bowl commercial.

An ad expert believes the company released the ad before the Super Bowl to keep the commercial from getting lost with the other Super Bowl ads. The ad, “We Believe,” addresses issues such as sexual harassment, misogyny and bullying. While the commercial has caused some backlash, socially conscious ads appeal to belief-driven buyers.

“I’m not in their heads, but I suspect that they’re thinking about what we who study this sort of thing know—that younger consumers are more loyal to brands that they perceive as willing to take a stand,” said Reber, who is the C. Richard Yarbrough Professor in Crisis Communication Leadership. “Young consumers will change brands, and even jobs, to align with an organization that they feel aligns with their values.”