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Alumna chronicles history of 4-H center

Rock Eagle: Centerpiece of Georgia 4-H
Ina Cook Hopkins
Taylor Specialty Books

Rock Eagle: Centerpiece of Georgia 4-H details how the Rock Eagle 4-H Center, which started as a dream of then-Georgia 4-H leader Bill Sutton, grew into a place where millions of past Georgia 4-H’ers and unknown numbers of future 4-H members create lifelong memories.

Ina Cook Hopkins, the book’s author and a 1977 graduate of UGA’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, spent more than nine years compiling data, interviewing key subjects, writing the text and working with designer Carol Williamson to complete the book.

A former Walton County 4-H’er, Hopkins refers to the history book as her last 4-H record book and a “tangible way to give back to the organization that means so much” to her.

“The names of the buildings at Rock Eagle (4-H Center) now represent real people. This campus is not about bricks and mortar. It’s about people,” Hopkins said of the 900-page book, which includes almost 900 photos and resembles a college ­textbook.