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ARMC, UGA College of Public Health to host ‘A Conversation about Ebola’

The UGA College of Public Health and Athens Regional Medical Center are partnering to hold a community forum to discuss recent Ebola outbreaks in Africa and any potential local impacts.

“A Conversation about Ebola” will be held Sept. 25 from 6:30-8 p.m. in George Hall on the UGA Health Sciences Campus.

The forum will include a panel of UGA faculty members with expertise in the fields of clinical infectious diseases, public health policy, epidemiology, veterinary science and disease transmission modeling, as well as an emergency room response physician from Athens Regional to address treatment protocols for Ebola.

Additional experts and medical personnel from both UGA and Athens Regional will be available to answer questions and provide more information.

One of the questions experts look to answer is whether or not people in the U.S. should be concerned about contracting Ebola.

Panelists will explore how the disease spreads and the low risk of transmission in America, which has very different approaches to and resources for responding to any potential outbreak due to advanced medical care, sterilization practices, hydration and nutrition.

“A Conversation about Ebola” is the first community forum in a planned series to discuss public health issues as they arise.