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Art museum exhibit focuses on photographs

The exhibition In Time We Shall Know Ourselves: Photographs by Raymond Smith will be on display at the Georgia Museum of Art Oct. 24 through Jan. 3. It is organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama, and by its curator, Michael Panhorst.

The exhibition includes 52 hand-printed photographs taken by Smith on a 1974 summer cross-country trip. Smith and his friend set off to see the U.S. They drove an aging Volkswagen from New England through the South and into the Midwest, where the car died, but not before Smith photographed many of the people and places they encountered.

In Time We Shall Know Ourselves stands as a statement about America and about photography in Smith’s times and places. Smith has written that his photography is “more closely related to literature, especially fiction … than it is to the other visual arts,” and that the “portrait is primary, and the photograph is a short story exploding beyond its frame.”