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Board of regents adopts new policies concerning undocumented students

A report presented Oct. 13 to the board of regents found that only 501 undocumented students-all paying out-of-state tuition-are among the 310,000 students enrolled in University System of Georgia institutions. Two of the students attend UGA. While the numbers are small, beginning in fall 2011, all applicants will undergo new steps to strengthen the ability of USG institutions to properly classify students for tuition purposes.

These steps are outlined in four recommendations by the Residency Verification Committee approved by the regents. They will go into effect for the fall 2011 semester and include:
• The addition of language on all applications outlining the legal penalties for knowingly providing incorrect information on the forms.
• The addition of language on all applications that will require applicants to state whether they are seeking in-state tuition.
• A policy requirement that USG institutions verify the lawful presence in the U.S. of any applicant who is admitted. Students who note they are seeking in-state tuition will, if not applying for federal financial aid (which has its own stringent verification processes), be subject to additional verification by the institution.
• A policy that any person not lawfully present in the U.S. shall not be eligible for admission to any USG institution which, for the two most recent academic years, did not admit all academically qualified applicants.