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Book is guide for planning adult education

Working the Planning Table: Negotiating Democratically for Adult, Continuing and Workplace Education
By Ronald M. Cervero and Arthur L. Wilson

Ronald Cervero, UGA professor of adult education and head of the department of lifelong education, administration and policy and Arthur Wilson have collaborated to write an award-winning book about educational planning. Wilson, who earned his Ed.D. degree in adult education from UGA in 1991, is professor of adult education at Cornell University.

In Working the Planning Table, the authors offer a theory that accounts for planners’ lived experience and provides a guide for developing effective educational programs for adults.

The book presents three planning case studies that illustrate how power, interests, ethical commitment and negotiation are central to planners’ everyday work. 

These stories offer guidance on how to respond to the realities of practice and point out that the technical work of planning is always political.

Working the Planning Table reveals how people work to negotiate educational and political outcomes for multiple stakeholders. It received the 2006 Cyril O. Houle World Award for Literature in Adult Education from the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education.