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Book recounts stories of everyday miracles

There are only two ways to live our life, according to Albert Einstein: one is as if nothing is a miracle; the other, as if everything is a miracle. Life of Miracles Along the Yangtze and Mississippi is a book about how the impossible became possible—about things that happened in China and America to the people author Wang Ping grew up with, met and befriended along her journeys. 

This is also a story about water, alive with spirits and energy, giving birth to all sentient beings. We are water. The river runs through us. Those who live in harmony with water can ride the current of the universe—the secret of Tao, reaching all the way to the sea of miracles.

A miracle is a state of mind, a way of living: how we face hardship, pain and tragedies, how we transform them into fuels for our journey and transcend them into joy and hope. This is a book about how ordinary people perform miracles every day; how people are touched, touching, all the time, across oceans and continents, across time and space, through their stories.