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Book recounts ‘Tangible Past’ of Athens

The Tangible Past in Athens, Georgia
Edited by Charlotte Thomas Marshall

On May 10, 1793, a few recent arrivals on the Oconee River at the Cedar Shoals—where an ancient Cherokee and Creek trail crossed the waterway and where Athens and UGA would soon rise—petitioned Gov. Edward Telfair to build a blockhouse for the “preservation of this settlement.”

Ever since, Athenians have come together to ensure this goal. The Tangible Past in Athens, Georgia, a collection of essays, photos and appendices, is another effort on the part of Athens citizens to tell the story of the preservation of that settlement.

Over 200 years after its beginning, this outpost has grown from a few hardy adventurers near the then-western boundary of the U.S. into a diverse and appealing city approaching a population of 125,000.

The city now is known nationally and for its vibrancy, erudition and good living.