Campus News

Bookstore takes part in state’s service initiative

The University of Georgia Bookstore has initiated a program to support Gov. Sonny Perdue’s launch of the Customer Service Improvement Initiative. The new UGA program will allow students to order new or used books and supplies for their classes online at the time they register, saving time and effort.

“This program will make the start of the semester easier for students,” said Tim Burgess, senior vice president for finance and administration. “The University of Georgia feels strongly about the need to provide high-quality customer service to our students, faculty and staff, and we think this program will help accomplish that goal.

“We expect the program to be well received, and we think there will be a lot of students who will use this time-saving benefit,” he added.

Used on a trial basis by some students this summer, the program is expected to be fully operational during fall semester. It was developed in a cooperative effort between the bookstore and the registrar’s office.

“I am happy to see the governor placing emphasis on customer service across all lines of state government,” said UGA President Michael F. Adams. “This new program in the UGA Bookstore helps us to accomplish this goal. I expect the program to be successful, and I think the bookstore customers will be pleased with this initiative.”

“The campus-based customer service improvement plans will begin to create a culture that places more emphasis on customer service,” said Chancellor Erroll B. Davis, who set an Aug. 1 deadline for all University System of Georgia campuses to implement a plan for improving customer service. “In line with the governor’s goal of achieving the best-managed state government, we intend to provide a model of service unparalleled in public higher education. Many of our faculty and staff already place our students’ needs first, but we need to institutionalize this practice and really own it.”

In conjunction with the initiative, USG officials have launched a new Web site that will allow faculty, staff, students and taxpayers to monitor the progress being made with customer service improvements and view the customer satisfaction scores of USG campuses.