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Bulldog Bucks now offers payroll deduction to faculty, staff members

UGA faculty and staff are now able to use payroll deduction to make automatic deposits into their Bulldog Bucks account. This convenient, new service offers customers full control on how money is added to their Bulldog Bucks account automatically from their paycheck each month.

Paying with a Bulldog Bucks account offers many advantages over paying for services with traditional debit and credit cards. Bulldog Bucks is the cheapest way to pay for on-campus services such as printing and copying with no transaction, convenience or maintenance fees associated with the transaction. Bulldog Bucks also is accepted at over 150 Coke and snack machines on campus. The funds loaded on the card will roll over from year to year with the account remaining active as long as it is used at least one time within a 12-month period.

Payroll deductions can be started or stopped at any time and the amount deducted can be changed by visiting the Bulldog Bucks account management website. After signing up for payroll deduction, the deduction will be taken out of the next month’s paycheck.

“We are excited to offer this new and convenient service to faculty and staff here at UGA,” said Virginia Hamilton, business manager for Bulldog Bucks. “The automatic deductions make it easy to always have funds available for vending, print and copy jobs as well as dining and merchandise purchases.”
Along with campus locations, Bulldog Bucks has partnered with businesses in the Athens area including restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies and fitness clubs. These locations offer discounts to Bulldog Bucks account holders that can be activated when paying with Bulldog Bucks along with a printout of the coupon. A complete list of off-campus partners and merchant coupons is at

For more information about payroll deduction, call the Bulldog Bucks office at 706-542-8257 or visit