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College of Education professor quoted in Runner’s World

Patrick O’Connor 2014-v

Patrick O’Connor

Patrick O’Connor, professor of kinesiology in the College of Education, was recently quoted in a Runner’s World story about morning workouts.

According to the story, a good night’s sleep or a shot of espresso aren’t the only ways to increase energy in the morning. A 20-minute workout also can put pep in one’s step.

“Exercise releases the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, as well as histamine, all of which are linked to feeling more energized,” O’Connor said.

In an analysis of 70 studies, 90% found that sedentary people who completed a regular exercise routine improved their energy levels, whether they were healthy or had chronic illnesses. In some cases, exercise was a better treatment for fatigue than narcolepsy drugs, and one study found that walking raised energy more quickly than caffeine.

To make a morning workout even more effective, start with a snack made of an easily digestible carb and low in fat and fiber, stay hydrated, create good vibes by working out in a brightly lit space or to some favorite songs, and pick the right intensity.