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Retired UGA education professor elected to lead world council on comparative education

Athens, Ga. – Diane B. Napier, a recently retired faculty member in the University of Georgia College of Education, has been elected secretary-general of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies based on her international reputation of more than two decades of work in the field.

Napier, a former associate professor in the department of workforce education, leadership and social foundations, studied and taught comparative and international education for more than 22 years as a UGA faculty member. She retired in May; however, she will remain active in teaching and working with UGA doctoral students. She also is continuing her international field research in sub-Saharan Africa and is currently working on several research-focused book projects in addition to taking on the duties of the secretary-general for a five-year term.

“Having the WCCES secretariat located at UGA is a key development that addresses the internationalization initiatives of the college and university,” said Napier. “The WCCES connection now means enhanced opportunities for other UGA faculty who have international experience and research/teaching activities to connect with colleagues who are members of the 40 WCCES constituent societies and to consider new forms of collaboration and participation in disciplines and departments across the college and university.”

Napier’s role will be to facilitate initial contacts and connections. UGA students also can benefit from and participate in the activities of the WCCES with the office of the secretariat serving as the point of contact.

Within the larger UGA academic community and in the University System of Georgia, Napier’s new position will enhance visibility and connections for colleagues in the USG regional councils (Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas) who participate in activities and programs that enhance international education. Napier is a longtime member and officer of the USG Africa World Regional Council and the UGA Institute of African Studies.

Established in 1970, the World Council is a global professional organization, registered with UNESCO, that promotes the study of comparative and international education and focuses on major educational problems from local to global in scope.

WCCES holds a World Congress, at three-year intervals, to bring together members from constituent societies to share research and to explore ways to enhance the quality of education, promote excellence and strive to assist in realizing education for all. The 2013 World Congress will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 24-28, 2013 and will be hosted by the Argentine Comparative Education Society.