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FACS professor answers WalletHubs’ questions about credit card applications


Brenda Cude

Brenda Cude, Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences, answered questions for WalletHub about navigating the credit card application process during the pandemic.

Specifically, she discussed why credit cards aren’t easier to get and whether credit cards will become easier or harder to get in the next 12 months.

She also offered advice for those having trouble getting a credit card.

“I’d start by asking why you want a credit card,” said Cude. “Is it to build a credit history? Then, you might ask a parent or another adult to add you as an authorized user on a credit card with a spotless record of on-time payments. Or you might apply for a secured credit card. You’ll have to pay a deposit and the credit limit may be low, but it’s a place to start. If you are a student, apply for a student credit card. Or apply for a credit building loan with a credit union. If you aren’t trying to build a credit history and just want a convenient way to pay without using cash, consider a prepaid card but check the fees.”