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Georgia Museum of Art to present second Carroll Cloar exhibition

The Georgia Museum of Art will present the exhibition The Lithographs of Carroll Cloar from May 17 to Aug. 10. The exhibition brings together a complete set of Cloar’s prints and will incorporate information about the process and tools involved in creating lithographs.

This exhibition comes shortly after an exhibition of Cloar’s paintings at the museum last fall, The Crossroads of Memory: Carroll Cloar and the American South, but differs in the style of the work as well as the atmosphere it establishes.

The lithographs’ contrast of black-and-white forms and painterly lines diverge from the colorful paintings and linear drawings previously featured at the museum and capture a different mood.

Cloar’s work in both media is often based on memories from his childhood. Like his paintings, the lithographs have a surrealist tone as they treat subjects based on stories of people and places from the artist’s childhood, biblical narratives and popular culture.

“Carroll Cloar’s prints focus on stories from his childhood and places and people from his past,” said Carissa DiCindio, curator of education and curator of this exhibition. “At the core of the exhibition are Cloar’s memories, but there are many connections that viewers can make with their own personal experiences.”

Events related to the exhibition include Family Day on May 17; 90 Carlton: Summer on June 13 ($5, or free for members of the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art); and Artful Conversation on June 25. A catalog produced by the Arkansas Arts Center in association with the previous Cloar exhibition will be available in the Museum Shop.