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Book details history of U.S. government

Prof edits new handbook that surveys national security intelligence literature
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The Story of the Federalist: How Hamilton and Madison Reconceived America
Dan T. Coenen
Twelve Tables Press

In his new book, The Story of The Federalist: How Hamilton and Madison Reconceived America, Dan T. Coenen, J. Alton Hosch Professor of Law at UGA, writes about the creation of The Federalist, what it said, and why it is still an important factor in today’s practice of law.

Created by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, The Federalist , or The Federalist  Papers, was implemented to help convince the states to ratify the U.S. Constitution. When the framers presented the Constitution to the states, many opposed the charter. In response, Hamilton wrote a series of essays defending the Constitution, and enlisted Madison’s help.

Written for lawyers, historians or anyone interested in the U.S. government, the book not only tells the story of The Federalist, but also of the conception of the U.S. and its system of government. In the story of The Federalist lies much of the story of the nation—a nation reconceived by Hamilton and Madison in writings that remain the cornerstone of American law.