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Laura Bierema received the 2013 Outstanding Scholar Award

Laura Bierema, a professor in the College of Education’s lifelong education, administration and policy department, received the 2013 Outstanding Scholar Award from the Academy of Human Resources Development for her pioneering feminist research in the field.

Bierema was honored as one of the first scholars to conduct feminist research in the field of human resources development and informing the understanding of women’s development in organizations from that perspective. She also has led the development of critical HRD-a perspective that challenges dominant management practice and urges organizations to be sustainable and socially responsible. Bierema has made contributions to the profession of HRD through both research-related service and building research-related infrastructures. Her highly regarded work is widely cited in both HRD and adult education-with 27 scholarly journal articles, 29 book chapters, an authored book, a co-authored book, an edited book and a co-edited book, with another book in press.

As the vice president of research for AHRD, she conducted a comprehensive study of research and publications within the field through the AHRD Journal Task Force.