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Lecturer quoted in story about paying rent during the pandemic

Thomas Jr.

Michael Thomas Jr.

Michael Thomas, a lecturer in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, was quoted in an article from Las Vegas Review-Journal about paying rent during the current pandemic. More specifically, the article discusses the steps people should consider if they are unable to pay rent due to job loss, forced furlough or other unforeseen situations.

Thomas says that speaking to your landlord is a good first step, and he emphasizes that a little kindness can go a long way.

“Lead with empathy,” he said. “It’s very easy to become self-absorbed when we’re experiencing a financial shock.”

Thomas suggests building a relationship with your landlord. Even a gesture as small as asking someone how they are doing fosters an environment of friendship and understanding. This will help both parties toward a realistic and mutually beneficial solution.

When trying to strike a deal with your landlord, Thomas suggests coming up with at least three plausible solutions that work for your budget.

“Go with your best-case scenario first,” he said.

If your landlord won’t agree to that, ask for their input on mitigating the situation before presenting your other options.

Once a conclusion is reached, the article suggests getting the final agreement in writing.