Campus News

Main library to close during home football games this year

The main library will be closed during home football games beginning with the first game against Georgia Southern University Aug. 30. The Student Learning Center and the science library will be open.

The main library is adjacent to one of the most popular locations for tailgating and fans have used the library’s restroom facilities before heading down the hill to Sanford Stadium.

For several football seasons, the increasing size of the crowd and increasing rowdiness made it difficult for libraries’ security and other employees to control the situation.

Use of the libraries by students to study on game days is minimal, but to compensate faculty and students for the loss of use of the main library on game days, the building will open two hours earlier on Sundays, at 11 a.m. instead of 1 p.m., throughout the fall and spring semesters. Thus, while the building will be closed for a total of 42 hours on game days, it will be open an additional 72 hours with the extension of hours on Sundays.

Portable toilets have been available adjacent to the main library for several football seasons, and additional ones will be added this year.