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New book addresses Latino mental health

Culturally Responsive Counseling With Latinas/os
Patricia Arredondo, Maritza Gallardo-Cooper, Edward A. Delgado-Romero and Angela L. Zapata
ACA Press

Currently, there is a significant shortage of Latino-centered, competent counseling clinicians to respond to the needs of a rapidly growing Latino population in the U.S. And recent books on Latino mental health fail to provide comprehensive, culture-driven perspectives and frameworks, according to a book co-written by Edward Delgado-Romero, a professor in the College of Education’s counseling and human development services department.

Culturally Responsive Counseling With Latinas/os is a direct response to this trend, providing updated demographic and psychographic information as well as a deep understanding of how the Latino belief system presents in practice.

Co-written by Patricia Arredondo, Maritza Gallardo-Cooper and Angela Zapata, the book is one of the most definitive books published to date on Latino individuals and families.

Readers will benefit from thorough Latino-centered assessments and broad theoretical frameworks.