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New College of Pharmacy students don white coats

The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy welcomed 140 Doctor of Pharmacy students into its nationally ranked program at the traditional White Coat Ceremony held Aug. 11. This was the inaugural ceremonial event for UGA alumna and new Dean Kelly Smith, who joined the college Aug. 1.

The incoming class had entry scores that exceed national trends. The average composite Pharmacy College Admission Test score was a 75, and the average UGA Pharmacy GPA was 3.4. Other statistics from the class show that 62 percent of the class is comprised of females, almost 51 percent of the class is considered culturally diverse, and 51 percent attended UGA before entering the College of Pharmacy.

In her message, which was delivered to more than 1,000 in attendance at Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall on the UGA campus, Smith encouraged students to be mindful that their white coat is a symbol of service to humanity, a demonstration of entrance into a professional arena, a commitment to the ethical standards of a pharmacist, and a representation that they are now members of the UGA Pharmacy family.

“When you don your white coat today, reflect on the profound responsibility it symbolizes,” she said. “Never take what it represents for granted. As you wear it, remember to always keep the patients you serve at the heart of this honorable profession you’ve chosen. And, wear this coat with true PharmDawg pride!”