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New illustrated guidebook covers species of lizards, crocodilians in the Southeast

Lizards and Crocodilians of the Southeast
Whit Gibbons, Judy Greene and Tony Mills
University of Georgia Press

Lizards and crocodilians found in the Southeast are featured in a new heavily illustrated guidebook compiled by Whit Gibbons, a professor of ecology emeritus at UGA and the head of the Environmental Outreach and Education Program at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory; Judy Greene, research coordinator and former lab manager at the laboratory; and Tony Mills, education director for the LowCountry Institute on Spring Island and former outreach program lab coordinator.

The guide covers 20 native and 41 introduced species of lizards and crocodilians found in the Southeast. It features in-depth descriptions of both native and introduced species; approximately 330 color photographs; “Did You Know?” sidebars of interesting facts and chapters on lizard and crocodilian biodiversity and on human interactions with lizards and crocodilians.

Illustrated, fact-filled descriptions of species and their habitat comprise most of the book.

Useful information about human interaction with these animals is also covered: how to observe them, how to ensure the survival of native species and how to properly care for pet lizards.

The guide aims to promote better understanding of the needs of and challenges to these animals.