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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UGA will receive third grant of $100,000

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UGA, formerly Learning in Retirement, will receive its third grant of $100,000 from the Bernard Osher Foundation. The institute has been invited to apply for a $1 million endowment, which will be awarded this fall, according to Anita Brannen, president of the UGA group.

“We will not be able to directly spend the $1 million, if it is awarded to us,” she said. “Instead, the endowment will be sent by the Bernard Osher Foundation to the UGA Arch Foundation, which will invest the funds. The interest that is earned from the $1 million after the first year of investing will then be turned over to the UGA Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. This process will be continued from year to year.”

Brannen said the third grant, as well as the opportunity to apply for the endowment, are possible because the Bernard Osher Foundation is pleased with the work being done by the local group. The foundation specifically recognized the quality of the local programs and the dedication of its volunteers. It also recognized UGA’s commitment and support of the institute through the College of Education. The three grants have helped with expenses including office help for the institute at UGA, according to Brannen.

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