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Peach State Poll: Views on life in state of Georgia reflect election outcomes

The latest Peach State Poll finds attitudes in the general public about the economy and life in the state of Georgia are consistent with a public that generally supported the status quo in the November elections.

Georgians are generally content with the direction of the state, and they are as likely to express optimism about the economy as not to. Republicans and Democrats in the general public still hold very different views on the economy.

Forty-nine percent of Republicans rated the economy as either excellent (9 percent) or good (40 percent) in the October Peach State Poll; by contrast, only 26 percent of Democrats rated the economy as excellent (1 percent) or good
25 percent). Republicans were also far more likely to believe that the economy is improving than were Democrats; 64 percent of Republicans said the economy is getting better while only
20 percent of Democrats shared this view.