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Photographs of Antarctica on display in Aderhold Hall

Shimmering sunsets, marching penguins, vast tundras, blowing snow, gorgeous skies and golden icebergs are just a few of the photographic images of Antarctica currently on display at the College of Education.

The photos are the work of painter, photographer and former UGA faculty member Bob Hart and his wife, Nancy, and some of their friends, who spent two weeks on the southernmost continent in December 2006.

The photos are on display in the college’s Office of Information Technology (Room 232 Aderhold Hall) through Sept. 28.

“When friends ask us to describe why Antarctica is one of our favorite ventures, the words ‘magnificent,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘remarkable,’ and ‘unbelievable,’ although true, do not adequately depict our impressions. Others have said they can’t describe it, that you have to see it for yourself,” said Hart. “The photographs in this show come closer than our words ever can.”

Hart, who retired from the College of Education in 2002, taught in the department of instructional technology and was director of the college’s Center for Educational Technology. He began his interest in art in 1968 when he enrolled in his first photography class as an undergraduate journalism student at UGA.

Nancy Hart retired in 2001 from the Oglethorpe County Schools where she was principal of Oglethorpe Elementary School. She has been traveling extensively and taking photographs of her travels ever since.

Five of the photographs in the show are by friends who were on the trip: Dennis Green, Vernice Kingsbury, Gwen Kingsbury and Fred Padgelek.