Campus News

Political consultant will speak about 2008 political race

On Oct. 22, Paul E. Begala, political contributor on CNN’s The Situation Room and former counselor to President Bill Clinton, will comment on the 2008 political race in a speech entitled “Politics 2008: Serious Business or Show Business for Ugly People?” Open to the public, Begala’s presentation will take place in the Chapel at 7 p.m.

Currently on campus as the Carl E. Sanders Political Leadership Scholar at the School of Law, Begala is a former top-ranking White House official, political consultant, corporate communications strategist and university professor. He entered the national political scene after his consulting firm, Carville & Begala, aided Bill Clinton in his successful run for the White House in 1992. After the election, he served as counselor to the president, helping to define and to defend the administration’s agenda.

“We are very privileged to have Paul Begala take the time to speak about the upcoming political race,” said Steve Wrigley, director of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. “His own personal experience in the political arena gives him a unique, first-hand perspective on the ins and outs of running a campaign. I anticipate that his insights will be very thought provoking.”

Begala’s presentation is sponsored by the Vinson Institute of Government, the law school, the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, the Honors Program, the Office of the Vice President for Instruction and the School of Public and International Affairs.