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Professor pens book of feminist essays

The Philosopher Queen: Feminist ­Essays on War, Love and Knowledge is a collection of essays and monologues addressing deep questions about gender, race, science and global politics—ideal for undergraduate ­students and lay readers.

Weaving together philosophical analysis and narrative, Chris Cuomo, director of the Institute for Women’s Studies at UGA and professor of philosophy (see story, above), develops positions that resonate in a world where all truths are partial, yet the search for truth is more important than ever.

“The best philosophy aims to promote the good and to produce knowledge, and therefore to enable flourishing,” Cuomo writes.

Scholarly, humorous and ­brazenly feminist, these essays ­encourage readers to ­reinvestigate diversity, sex, justice and wholeness. They acknowledge the complexity of reality while holding fast to the promise of common values and the need for a conception of ethics that aims toward flourishing rather than cynicism or violence.

The search for an ethic that is joyful and life-loving, yet politically and scientifically realistic, is at the root of Cuomo’s philosophy.