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Professor pens seventh book of poems

Professor pens seventh book of poems
Cosmological Me:EPs by Luis Correa-Diaz El fin de la noche 17
Cosmological Me: EPs
Luis Correa-Díaz El fin de la noche

Luis Correa-Díaz, a professor of Romance languages in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, has recently published his seventh poetry collection, Cosmological Me: EPs.

The poems deal with the factual and metaphorical language and epistemological implications of cosmology. The main aim of the collection is to pose a call to poets (and readers) to take the craft (and the reading) of poetry beyond the range of every day human experience, accomplishing what has been coined as the necessary “facing up” by scientists.

The bilingual edition is translated into English by Heather Cleary Wolfgang; the preface is by Alberto Rojo.

Miguel Gomes, a Venezuelan fiction writer at the University of Connecticut, said that “Correa-Díaz’s writing is both disturbingly pop and unexpectedly classical;. . . and now this new poetry collection demonstrates another of his breakthrough in the use of Spanish: adventurous explorations of the cosmic possibilities of the language.”

Roger Santiváñez, a Peruvian poet, wrote “The elegant poems of Cosmological Me. . . bridge poetry and science. . . [His] book is a sort of elegy of poetry as we know it, in the same line of R.E.M.’s elegiac song Losing my Religion.”

The poetry is both in bookstores and online in e-book format at