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Professor’s new book focuses on today’s educational opportunities for black children

Troubling the Waters: Fulfilling the Promise of Quality Public Schooling for Black Children
Jerome Morris
Teachers College Press
Cloth $64, Paperback: $27.95

Jerome E. Morris, an associate professor in the College of Education, has published Troubling the Waters, a new book that captures the experiences of today’s African-American families.

Reframing the debates about urban schooling, Morris offers an empirically based, research foundation for a new scholarly movement in the quest for quality schooling.

In this contemporary critique, Morris counters the views by neoconservatives that racism no longer exists, while simultaneously offering a poignant analysis of the “desegregation-only” paradigm towards achieving the promises of Brown v. Board of Education.

The book is intended for educators, scholars and policymakers who are committed to improving the education of black children. It also discusses characteristics within schools that constrain or support African-American students’ educational experiences and outcomes and examines the implications for urban education and school reform.

Morris is also director of the Race, Class, Place and Outcomes Research Group at UGA’s Institute for Behavioral Research.