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Researchers seek volunteers for marriage, prayer study

UGA researchers are seeking volunteers for a study aimed at finding the best ways for African-American couples to keep their relationships strong and to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

Volunteers should be African-­American adults between 21 and 45 years of age who: have a mate (of any age or race) who is also willing to participate; are legally married and living with the mate or planning to marry within 12 months; are willing to pray and to have others pray for them as a couple; and are willing to spend one Saturday and one Saturday morning in an educational program.

Couples can expect to be interviewed four times in a one-year period. The interviews will focus on health and well-being, daily routines, marital relationship quality and marital interaction.

After the first interview, couples may receive information about ways to make their relationships better or be invited to take part in an educational program in which they will learn how to strengthen their relationship and improve their ability to handle challenges that face all couples.

Each couple will receive $50 for each of the first and second interviews and $100 for each of the third and fourth interviews.

Couples are encouraged to enroll before Dec. 21. Contact LaTrena Stokes by phone (425-3230) or e-mail (