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Speech and hearing screenings to be held Nov. 7 in Aderhold Hall

The Speech and Hearing Clinic will provide speech and hearing screenings for children and adults Nov. 7 in Aderhold Hall.

Offered twice a year, the free screenings help identify issues such as stuttering, hearing loss, cognitive issues and swallowing disorders. All evaluations are an outreach service of the clinic, which is part of the College of Education.

During the speech tests, subjects will be asked to point out familiar objects in pictures and describe them, while subjects taking the hearing tests will be checked for a range of sounds. All patients will leave with information about the results and resources for a follow-up, if necessary.

The tests are conducted by graduate students in the communication sciences and disorders program and are part of the students’ required clinical experience. This allows the students to gain valuable experience with different personalities and testing situations.

Those who suspect possible speech or hearing issues may make an appointment for either test by calling the UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic at 706-542-4598.

More information about the clinic is at