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State’s House of Representatives honors Vinson Institute of Government

UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government received high praise from the Georgia House of Representatives, when members gathered there the final day of the 2010 legislative session, to recognize and commend the institute through House Resolution 2173.

Rep. Pat Dooley from Cobb County read the resolution aloud before the legislative body, citing multiple ways in which the Vinson Institute serves governments in Georgia. The resolution states that “for over 80 years, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government has been helping state and local officials improve their understanding of critical issues, improve their leadership skills and improve quality of life for the people of Georgia.”

The sponsors of the resolution were all recent graduates of the Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute, a program sponsored by the Vinson Institute. GLLI provides leadership training to new legislators who have been nominated by leaders in the House and Senate. In addition to training, GLLI participants explore current issues with nationally renowned policy experts, helping them to become more informed decision makers.