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Terry College of Business adds two new executives-in-residence

Dennis Beresford

In an effort to expand the scope and quality of business education at UGA, the Terry College of Business has added two new executives-in-residence.

Former UGA accounting professor Dennis Beresford and retired U.S. Air Force Gen. William M. Rajczak have signed two-year agreements to act as classroom lecturers, student mentors and program advisers in the Terry College.

“I couldn’t be more pleased that professor Beresford and Gen. Rajczak have accepted these positions,” said Charles B. Knapp, interim dean of the college. “The experience and expertise they will bring will be invaluable to our students’ education.”

Beresford’s career includes turns as chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and he currently serves as director of the National Association of Corporate Directors. He said his new position would continue to involve classrooms, students and faculty collaborations.

“I was on the faculty for 16 years. Now I’m stepping down, but I’ll still be teaching the occasional class,” Beresford said. “I’ll also be staying professionally active on certain boards. I’ll also be around the college for any student who wishes to come by and talk about the accounting professions. The same is true for my colleagues.”

Rajczak will work primarily with Terry College’s Institute for Leadership Advancement. He aims to help increase the reputation and recognition of the institute as well as engagement from its alumni.